Millions of Bangladeshi children lather up for global handwashing day to set Guinness Book of World Record. Over 8,250 school children, mainly girls, took part in the practice of proper handwashing with soap at their 10 respective schools in Khulna on October 8, 2008.

Global Handwashing Day is an annual global advocacy day dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding about the importance of handwashing with soap as an easy, effective, and affordable way to prevent diseases and save lives.

Global Handwashing Day is designed to:

  • Foster and support a global and local culture of handwashing with soap

  • Shine a spotlight on the state of handwashing around the world

  • Raise awareness about the benefits of handwashing with soap

The exercise is part of the second annual Global Handwashing Day, an event which is being celebrated with special activities in more than 80 countries worldwide. In Bangladesh alone an estimated 18 million children took part in discussions, demonstrations and simultaneous displays of handwashing on the day.

The global handwashing day campaign was initiated in 2008 under a public-private partnership for handwashing with soap where UNICEF, WHO, government’s DPHE, private Unilever as well as local and international NGOs such as WaterAid, BRAC, CARE, Save the Children, NGO Forum and Safe came together in Bangladesh to observe the day.